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Denver’s Medicare Experts: Find the Right Health Insurance Plan

Choice City Health, a full-service Medicare insurance agency in Denver, expertly guides you through the different Medicare plan options. Our team helps you compare the costs and benefits of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Original Medicare, including Part D coverage. We focus on finding a plan that aligns with your specific needs and budget, ensuring you receive the best possible coverage.

Medicare Enrollment Made Simple: Our Step-by-Step Process

Let Denver’s Medicare experts help guide you through the enrollment process. With personalized consultations and ongoing support, we’ll assist you in confidently making informed healthcare choices.

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To explore your options for Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance in Denver, schedule a no-cost consultation with us. For personalized assistance, call 970-407-9399.

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Review Medicare options

Dana can guide you through the Medicare enrollment process in Denver, helping you select a plan that fits your budget and healthcare needs, including access to your preferred doctors and meeting your prescription drug requirements.

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Pick the plan that best suits you

Dana Griffin provides expert guidance to help individuals fully understand their Medicare insurance coverage options in Denver. With our Medicare insurance agency, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your Medicare plan, ensuring comprehensive information is at your disposal.

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Paperwork & details

When you submit your Medicare enrollment application, we ensure it meets all Medicare guidelines. Your new healthcare card will arrive in a few weeks. Dana, your local insurance agent, is always ready to assist with health insurance services for Denver residents over 65.

What Clients Say…

Amy DavisAmy Davis
17:27 26 Apr 23
Dana made the process of switching to Medicare really easy. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. I am confident he will address any concerns I have in the future. I can recommend Choice City Health without hesitation.
Myra McCoppinMyra McCoppin
14:36 27 Feb 23
I would recommend Dana Griffin to any who needs help with understanding Medicare. He takes his time explaining every option. Dana will always ask if you have any questions or need help understanding. He goes above and beyond to make this experience pleasant and knowledgeable. Even after our signing up was completed he is always available to answer any further questions I may have. Dana is just truly the best!
Linda ShelineLinda Sheline
19:00 08 Dec 22
Dana was so helpful in guiding me through the Medicare maze. He was always timely with his calls. He was patient and thorough. I can highly recommend him!
20:42 23 Nov 22
Dana was extremely helpful in navigating the complex world of medicare. He was friendly and efficient.
Harry ShelineHarry Sheline
14:57 25 Oct 22
Dana Griffin first helped me with my medicare enrollment in 2016 and has helped me ever since (including today). He has also helped my wife and some friends who have more complicated needs. His knowledge and ability to explain things is just what we needed. I highly recommend him!
Vicki WrightVicki Wright
03:28 25 Jun 21
Dana Griffin is easy to work with and really knows his stuff! He had a number of options for supplements to Medicare and suggested the best choices for my particular needs. I feel confident that he led me to the optimal solutions for my needs. I highly recommend him!

Frequently-asked Questions

Depending on the size of your employer and the type of insurance coverage you have at work you might be able to delay enrolling into Medicare. It’s important to make sure you understand your situation correctly in order to avoid any late enrollment penalties, therefore we recommend reaching out to either our office or your HR department to discuss your scenario.

Short answer = no , it does not cost you to have an agent. Our Fort Collins Medicare Insurance Agency does not charge anything to work with you. We are paid by the different insurance companies if you decide to enroll in a plan and we assist you with the application. Having an agent does not affect your coverage or premiums and then it allows us to be there for you in the future if you have any questions about your plan or benefits.

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Your Medicare Options in Denver: Understanding Your Coverage

At Choice City Health, we simplify the selection of Medicare plans. Our experts guide you through choosing Original Medicare, which includes a Part D plan for managing prescription drug costs. If you seek more comprehensive coverage, consider a Medicare Advantage plan. Alternatively, a Medicare Supplement plan can help cover out-of-pocket expenses, ensuring financial support when needed. Let our Denver Medicare insurance agency tailor the ideal healthcare solution to meet your unique needs.

  • Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance): This part of Medicare primarily supports beneficiaries by covering costs associated with inpatient hospital care, care in skilled nursing facilities primarily for rehabilitation after a hospital stay, certain hospice care services, and some home health care services that follow a hospital admission.
  • Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance): This segment of Medicare provides coverage for visits to the doctor, outpatient services including various therapies and consultations with specialists, necessary medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, as well as preventive measures such as health screenings, vaccines, and yearly wellness exams.
  • Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage): Offers financial assistance for purchasing prescription drugs. This coverage can be accessed either through standalone plans or via Medicare Advantage plans. It is important to examine the formulary of each plan, which details the prescription drugs that are covered.
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C): Serves as a substitute to Original Medicare by offering comprehensive health coverage including medical and often drug benefits through private insurers approved by Medicare. These plans can include extra benefits such as dental and vision coverage but may come with network limitations and varied pricing structures including premiums and deductibles.
  • Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap): These are additional insurance plans that help manage expenses not covered by Original Medicare such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Medigap policies are standardized, which ensures consistent coverage across different insurers.